Siding is one of the most important investments you can make in the protection and beautification of your home.  Tyler has over 15 years of experience in the siding business, and can help you select a design and product to meet your financial, durability, and aesthetic goals.

We recommend LP SmartSide products to all our customers.  With its combination of styles, finishes, excellent warranty, and durability, it is simply the best value on the market today.

For those on a budget, vinyl siding can be an option, but it does have obvious disadvantages with respect to weatherproofing, durability, and environmental pollution.  We advise against the use of plastic products in remodeling and new construction whenever possible.

We do not install James Hardie or any other fiber cement siding products.  Experience has shown Hardie siding to be high-priced, difficult to install, and severely lacking in durability. In addition, fiber cement siding is made with fly ash and/ or silica compounds, which become airborne during the installation process. These are the by-products of the mining industry which cause Black Lung Disease in coal miners. I refuse to subject myself or my team to this unnecessary health hazard.