Fine Print

Payments to be made via cash or check. We do not accept credit cards or other forms of digital payment, except at discretion & written agreement of Tyler Koch.

Design retainers are non-refundable.

Any required or elected change to the Scope of Work, as detailed in formal estimate and existing change orders, may result in additional cost, at the discretion of Flatwater Builders, to be detailed with a change order.  Change orders will require written agreement, and additional payment, at the sole discretion of Flatwater Builders, prior to continued construction.

Construction may be halted until invoiced payments have been received in full.

Deposits or draw payments may be refundable, in whole or part, at the sole discretion of Flatwater Builders, with consideration for compensation of labor, materials, and expenses accrued until receipt of the written request for refund/cancellation of work.

Flatwater Builders will make every reasonable effort to provide and maintain a construction schedule, but shall not be held liable for delays, including but not limited to those caused by suppliers, clients themselves, restricted access to site, illness, acts of God, inspectors, utilities, delayed payments, change in scope of work, etc.

Allowances are intended as an estimate of final cost, but may increase or decrease relative to individual selections and scope of work.  Client shall be responsible for, or entitled to, the difference between the listed allowances and the final invoiced amounts.

Estimate is not a guarantee of final cost.  Due to recent inflation and volatility in the market for lumber, fuel, and other materials, we will do our best to perform contracted work for the price listed on the estimate, but we cannot guarantee prices will not increase. Similarly, if expenses decrease substantially between estimate and purchase, we will pass those savings to the client as well.

Failure of client to contribute “good faith” effort and agree to reasonable charges/expenses may result in discontinuation of construction & termination of contract by Flatwater Builders, with invoice for expenses accrued to date invoiced and payable upon receipt by client.

Disputes are to be submitted via e-mail to Flatwater Builders (, and if not resolved informally to client’s satisfaction within 60 days, client agrees to seek resolution solely through arbitration in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Flatwater Builders will endeavor to minimize necessary damage & disruption to the surrounding property. Estimates do not include replacement or rehabilitation of sprinkler systems, lawn, or landscaping, unless specifically noted.

We will do our best to maintain a clean and safe job site, but risk is inherent during demolition and construction. As such, Flatwater Builders is not liable for injury or damage caused or experienced at our work sites by those not employed by Flatwater Builders.

During design & construction, we may place a sign in your yard containing our logo and contact information. Please inform us if your individual preferences or neighborhood ordinances prevent this.

Flatwater Builders may photograph work site prior to, during, and after completion of construction, and may use and distribute those photographs for promotional and informational purposes.

Workmanship is warranted for the duration of client’s ownership of the structure.  Materials are warranted per manufacturer. Flatwater Builders shall evaluate and remedy workmanship in a timely manner, or subcontract such repairs at their discretion.